Paint Lab For Kids!

Stephanie Corfee's new book, Paint Lab for Kids, is a beautiful—and comprehensive—guide to painting for kids (of all ages)!

Here's why I'm excited about her book…

  • It's a Treasure Trove of Inspiration — featuring Learning Labs (which cover supplies and techniques), Wild Imagination Labs (for tapping into creativity and imaginative thinking), Palette Play Labs (learn about color), Experimentation Labs (explore mixed and unusual media), and Express Yourself Labs (guidance for developing your unique creative expression).
  • Stephanie Corfee is a successful artist and author with extensive experience teaching and creating art for and with kids (see her colorful, whimsical work here:
  • 35 Professional Artist Spotlights — and I'm honored to be one of them! Wonderful inspiration pieces from experienced artists are highlighted in each lab.

Paint Lab for Kids is a great gift for…

  • Kids (of all ages) who like to create
  • Parents who home school or are looking for fun "unplugged" activities for their kids
  • Artists who realize that creative play is the short cut to new directions in their work
  • Teachers who are looking for new ways to inspire their students

Win a FREE copy of Paint Lab for Kids:

For a limited time, Stephanie will be giving away free copies of her book. See her post on Instagram for details: @stephaniecorfeeartworks

You can order Paint Lab for Kids through Amazon.

Paint Lab for Kids is published by Quarto. Check out the QuartoKnows blog for more inspiration.

Happy Painting!